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Binoculars adapter

Item No.: BAT01
* Fits onto any camera tripod with a 1/4" screw.
* Lightweight and strong aluminum construction, anodic oxidation treatment.
* Easily connect binoculars with a front tripod screw socket to any mount using a standard tripod screw.
* Simple and durable, providing a rigid and secure base near the center of the binoculars and eliminating image-shake in high-power binoculars.
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A tripod adapter is essential for binoculars with a magnification of 10x and more. Viewing with hand-held binoculars of higher magnification will result in difficulty in holding it still and unsteady view, leading to fast eye strain and observation difficulty.
Use the NUTREK binocular-to-tripod adapter to take advantage of the higher magnification binoculars, mount it onto a tripod, and you will get a shake-free and comfortable view to see farther, and see more detail.


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