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Binoculars Harness

Item No.: BHS01
* Full use of the ocular protection cover
* Simple handling; Strap adjustable to different lengths
* No more swinging, rocking, or bouncing of the cameras or binoculars with the new Strap
* Extreme user-friendly: One touch and your cameras or binoculars are where you want them
* Contoured Strap made of wide and soft neoprene to fit neatly your neck and shoulder, guaranteed to provide maximum comfort
* Modular design with a removable stabilizer; ready to go in or out in seconds. Without the stabilizer, the Strap serves as a standard contoured strap
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Nobody likes to hike or hunt with bouncing cameras or binoculars. The NUTREK binocular harness divides the weight over the shoulder and keeps it close to your chest while walking, greatly reducing shoulder fatigue and maintaining steady barycenter. Say goodbye to the strain from carrying binoculars around your neck and prevent them from bouncing around when you hike down the trail.
For a quick outing, the NUTREK binocular harness is also with a modular design that you can take just the shoulder strap for fast gear-up. 


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Binoculars Harness QUICK VIEW