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Scope Rings
RG08 Two-Halves Steel Scope Rings

Item No.: RG08
NUTREK  RG08 Seris scope Rings made of Steel Material.
Available with 1-inch tube, 30mm tube, 34mm tube,etc.
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NUTREK manufacturers complete specs of Scope Rings that pairs with most optics - with different models fit for 1-inch tube, 30mm tube, 34mm tube, etc, at different saddle heights that accept close range 24mm aperture to 56 big size aperture for long-range and low light condition.

NUTREK scope rings are constructed with meticulous attention to accuracy, with the strictest requirement for concentricity and tolerance.
For varied requirements, we're able to manufacture scope rings in different materials including STEEL, 6061-T6 or 7075-T6 Aluminum, Zinc-2 Alloy, etc.

RG0834H 34mm HIGH 17.27
RG0834M 34mm MEDIUM 13.46
RG0834L 34mm LOW 9.4
RG0830H 30mm HIGH 17.27
RG0830M 30mm MEDIUM 13.46
RG0830L 30mm LOW 9.4
RG08INH 1 inch HIGH 17.27
RG08INM 1 inch MEDIUM 13.46
RG08INL 1 inch LOW 9.4

Brand Introduction

NUTREK Optics is one of the brands owned and marketed by Enjo Sports Inc., professional manufacturer of recreational sporting goods, and industrial innovator.

Created in mind that all outdoorsmen need clear, reliable, and affordable optics of some type, NUTREK aim to offer premium optics that performs: extend your vision, reveal the hidden, sharpen your sight, and lock the target.

When it comes to optics, performance and user experience is our focus. Starts from product design, optics polishing and coating, metal part forging and precision machining, plastic/rubber parts molding and injection, down along the way to assembly, collimation, purging of inert gas, air/water-tight testing, vibration and shook-test proofing… Each of these manufacturing steps are closely watched and carried out with meticulous care to ensure that the optics in your hand performs and enjoyable.


  • Tube Diameter



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